Archaeologists STUNNED to Find Fossilized Human Clutching THIS Just Before Death

The moment dates back 4,800 years...

Archaeologists were stunned when they found human remains of 43 adults and 5 children in a recent excavation in Taiwan. The excavation revealed 48 fossilized human specimens frozen in place, dating back to the Stone Age.

The site of the burials were originally excavated in 2014 and took over a year to completely uncover. The remains are the oldest evidence of humanity in the central region of the country, according to Fox News.

It was a touching moment for the archaeologists as they unearthed the ancient bodies and discovered a mother looking down as she cradles her baby.

The mother and child were particularly endearing — the mother was only 5′ 2″ tall and the baby was approximately 18 inches.

These researchers were amazed and heart-warmed, but it’s actually not the only instance of remains being found in this fashion — in fact, there was another pair found in a similar manner last year, in a dig in China, where a mother was found shielding her child from some external force.

Watch this incredible VIDEO BELOW:

Would she be still cradling the child if it was a flood? Or do you think maybe some form of slow suffocation or poisoning where she died holding the child and the child died slowly in her arms was the case? Interesting thought.

Earlier this year experts reported that Pharaoh Ramesses III was likely killed by multiple assailants and given postmortem cosmetic surgery to improve the appearance of his mummy.

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