Doctors Warn Against EXTREMELY DANGEROUS New Marijuana Trend


Medical professionals are warning the public about a dangerous new trend among marijuana users, which makes for five times the high, but could cost you your life…

There is a new version of marijuana that is very dangerous. The new trend call dabbing involves vaporizing marijuana. The reason this trend is so dangerous is because it contains four times more THC than regular marijuana. This dangerous new trend was discussed on “The Doctors.” This marijuana is created by heating an oily concentrate with a blow torch. This creates a large amount of smoke.

One of the reasons that people dab is because it gives them a high that is more intense than the one that they would get if they would just smoke the marijuana. Dr. David Sack is a physician and drug expert. He has stated that dabbing would give one a high that is equivalent to smoking five joints. A high that would normally take hours to achieve can be achieved in just five seconds.
Dabbing can lead to paranoia, rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, anxiety and psychosis. Not only is dabbing a health concern, but it is also a safety concern. Butane, which is a flammable substance, is used in this drug. This has lead to numerous burn accidents and fires. Dr. Sack believes that parents should talk to their children about the dangers of this drug.

Watch this very informative video below…

Drug users create “dabs” by passing butane gas over dried cannabis trimmings in a glass or metal tube. That process forces the tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC – the chemical in the marijuana that makes people high – to dissolve. It’s typically pressed through a filter and turned into a solid. The result is a waxy, concentrated version of marijuana that’s used in bongs, water pipes or e-cigarettes.

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“Dabs” are often nicknamed “budder,” “honeybomb,” “shatter” or “earwax,” and even “pot on steroids.” They can range in colour and consistency. The end result has a THC concentration as high as 80 per cent, Stogner warned.

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This will definitely get simple minded folks on your side. Dabbing is dangerous in the same way chainsaws. You use it wrong or without proper knowledge you will get hurt.


This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. Your “doctors” have never done what you would call “ear wax” or probably marijuana at all, so, any assumption they make would be false. Dabbing is not equal to 5 joints whatsoever and the fact that you would include this in your article clearly shows the level of truthfulness that comes from your blog. #FakeNews


you already know when you called them out like that LOL


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