Dog Refuses To Budge… Then Child Walks By And Something Shocking Happens

A human without a heart is what I call a pet owner who blatantly abandons a dog or any family pet. I have seen first hand many terrified and dejected dogs roaming the streets. It is a heart breaking sight. You want to help them by giving food, shelter and some loving attention but they are traumatized and have lost their trust in humans. These confused animals just want to keep running as they desperately look for the family they once had and trusted.

Few things are more sad than a dog that has been abandoned by its owners. Thankfully, there are shelters that dedicate time and services to rescuing these poor animals and aim to find them a new family who will love and care for them.

An animal shelter in New Zealand recently rescued a terrified dog from the streets and attempted to help the animal until it could be adopted. The shelter owner tried for two days, but she could not get the frightened and distrustful dog to move from its spot in its kennel.

When nothing else had worked, the owner, Abbey Van der Plas, asked her 7-year-old son, Zack, to sit beside her while she tried again. But Van der Plas didn’t expect what would happen when her son walked into the room.

To her amazement, the dog, named Nala, jumped right up and walked straight over to the young boy.

Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue takes in bull breed dogs that have been lost or abandoned, and they take care of them until an owner or new family can be found.

They found Nala on the street and determined that the dog had been abandoned for weeks. The dejected pet was “extremely shutdown and terrified,” van der Plas explained.

“I spent her entire first and second day sitting on the floor trying to gain her trust,” Abbey said, according to the U.K. Daily Mail. “I took hours and hours of footage trying to catch ‘the moment’ that she decided to trust me. She wasn’t having a bar of me, just sat at the back of the run trembling and growling.”

But, when young Zack walked in, Nala’s demeanor changed almost instantly. Not only did she finally move from her corner of the kennel, but she was also obviously enthused. She walked straight over to the boy and his mom and even licked van der Plas’ face excitedly.

“I bought in my secret weapon, and the magic happened right before my eyes,” the rescue owner explained.

Van der Plas has updated the shelter’s Facebook page regularly about Nala’s health, and she explained that she and her son have brought the dog home with them until they can find a permanent family for her.

Many consider pit bulls like Nala “dangerous,” and while some have been raised to be vicious, that’s hardly the fault of the animals. The way a dog — pit bull or otherwise — acts is all in how they are treated and trained by their owners. In fact, pit bulls have been known to be some of the most loyal and protective breeds for families if given the proper love and training.

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