In Incredibly Rare Twist of Fate, Woman Gets Pregnant While Already Pregnant

Kate Hill and her husband Peter are from Brisbane, Australia, but they're making headlines all over the world because they became pregnant... while they were already pregnant.

Kate Hill and her husband Peter are from Brisbane, Australia, but they’re making headlines all over the world because they became pregnant… while they were already pregnant.

It all started because Kate suffers from a hormone condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which makes it impossible for her to ovulate, and consequently get pregnant.

Her doctors placed her on hormone injections to boost her fertility, and sure enough, they worked!

Kate discovered she was pregnant.

However, just ten days later, a second baby was conceived.


From Shared:

The miracle is that the couple only had unprotected sex once. Peter’s sperm stayed alive for 10 days and eventually met up with a second egg, which was released after the first baby began to form.

It’s a rare occurrence known as superfetation: an additional fetus conceived days or weeks after the first.

According to Dr. Bryan Jick, there are three specific reasons this type of pregnancy is so exceedingly rare:

  1. Ovulation must occur while a woman is already pregnant.
  2. Sperm must somehow make it past the mucus plug.
  3. Implantation must occur in a uterus that is no longer prepared for it.

All three of these stars aligned for Kate and Peter, and now they are the proud parents of two impossibly cute baby girls, Olivia and Charlotte.

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Both girls were born on the same day, though they measured very differently in size, weight and gestational development. They are not identical and have their own unique blood types.

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