Joanna Gaines Looks Out Window & Sees THIS. Has Message For All Moms That INSTANTLY Goes Viral.

There are just some moms you ask yourself, “How does she do it? How does she make it look so easy?”  A perfect example of one of those moms is the Fixer Upper star, Joanna Gaines. She’s married to an adorable husband, Chip, she’s an awesome decorator, has four beautiful kids and has a very successful career. What more could you want in life, right? It all seems to look so easy for her. But sometimes even the moms like Joanna who look so “perfect” have their moments too.

Nearly five years ago, Joanna Gaines, star of HGTV’s Fixer Upper, planted a butterfly bush outside of her little girl’s window. She hoped that butterflies would be something her precious angels could enjoy during the months the bush bloomed. Although she wished for this, she kept her desires and excitement about the plant to herself and went about her life.

The years started to go by. With time, the butterfly bush was forgotten. One morning, Joanna found her daughter sitting by her bedroom window. Suddenly she heard her little girl, Emmie, exclaim, “Here she is! My little hummingbird comes every morning mom!”


Joanna was beyond surprised. She had no idea her daughter looked out her window every morning for a bird. She also had completely forgotten about the bush. She had never told her daughter to look out at the bush to find beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds. Joanna grabbed her camera and took an absolutely gorgeous photo of her little girl admiring her favorite hummingbird.

Touched by the incident, she posted the photo of the beautiful moment online with an amazing caption of the story beneath, also commenting that planting the bush so long ago is a lot like parenting.

Here is Joanna’s post from Facebook:

There’s an Adonis blue butterfly bush I planted by the girl’s window almost five years ago when we were renovating the farmhouse. I wanted butterflies by the girl’s windows that they could see and enjoy. I never told them about the bush and honestly I forgot about it over the years. This morning I found my little Emmie sitting by her window looking excitedly at the bush and saying “Here she is! My little hummingbird comes every morning mom!” First, I didn’t know she looked out for her bird every morning. Second, I forgot all about the bush and never told her if she looked out the window she would see the prettiest butterflies and hummingbirds gathered around it. It’s hard not to think this is a lot like parenting… You sow seeds early on and work hard to be intentional and then over time you move on to new lessons and challenges. Then one day you look up and the seeds you planted in your little children’s hearts are now in full bloom. Be encouraged today to keep pressing in and tending to their hearts. It will be worth it.

Robert Brault once said, “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

As Joanna shares, it’s the little things we do for our friends and family today, that may turn out to be the things you most cherish and find joy in tomorrow. Cherish those moments. because before you know it…those little ones will be all grown up.

Enjoy the song…just seems to fit with the story:

#Butterfly kisses


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