Kid Going for a Swim Looks Behind Him, Dies Because of What Was a Few Feet Away

The family of a 19-year-old North Carolina teen is mourning the loss of their son. He died after going for a swim that afternoon! The 19-year old hears a commotion behind him then sees two younger kids having trouble swimming in a local river.

According to WLOS-TV, Preston Johnston drowned in Chimney Rock, North Carolina, after he was too tired from saving the boys to continue swimming. His body was found wedged under the same rock he used to put the two boys out of harm’s way.

Johnston, a resident of Spindale, went out to Rocky Broad River that afternoon with family friends — all boys who were between 10 and 12 — twins Brian and Ryan Oaks, as well as their older brother Joseph.

Johnston was able to help at least one of the juveniles before going under the water and never resurfacing, a statement from the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office read. “A dive team from the Henderson County Rescue Squad was able to recover Johnston’s body several hours later.

The Henderson County Rescue Squad took two hours to find Johnston’s body, wedged under the very rock that he put the two young boys on to save their lives. None of the other youths were injured.

It’s a great tragedy whenever a young man in the prime of his life is lost to such a senseless death such as this, but Preston Johnston died a hero. He knew that, as the oldest person there, the responsibility fell to him to make sure that these boys were safe. He did it, and he gave his life in the process.

While his parents are grieving, they can take grim solace in one thing — they raised their boy right.

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