Should This Man Who Raped His Girlfriend’s Baby to Death be Publicly Hanged as Punishment?

There is truly no punishment harsh enough for someone who rapes an infant to death.

To start, there is truly no punishment harsh enough for someone who rapes an infant to death, in my opinion.

The being said, a petition is gaining attention which calls for the man who raped his girlfriend’s 9-month-old daughter to death to be publicly hanged as punishment.

On a Monday morning last month, Amanda Adkins awoke to find that her baby girl, Emmaleigh, was missing from her crib.

After searching her apartment, Adkins ultimately found Emmaleigh in the basement, where her boyfriend, Benjamin Taylor, was also found. The infant was unconscious and bleeding.

Taylor had raped little Emmaleigh so brutally that she was already brain dead when paramedics arrived at the scene.

Her family was forced to make the excruciating decision to take her off of life support shortly thereafter, and she succumbed to her injuries instantly.

Now, a petition has been started concerning what should be done to Benjamin Taylor for his horrific crime. It reads:

On Oct 4, 2016, it was reported that Benjamin Taylor, of Cottageville Wv, sexually assaulted a 9 month old baby girl. As of the time of this petitions creation, the baby was pronounced brain dead as a result. Prison is too good for child rapists and their ilk. I would move to say that our “justice system” is even a part of the problem, in that incarceration is hardly justice when it comes to such an awful act. Maybe if these people were actually afraid of what would happen to them if/when they were caught, they’d be less likely to do such vile things? When it’s an open and shut case such as this, let us hang these creatures publicly. Let us make examples of them, and allow the American people to attend these hangings so that the accused may be ridiculed, as they should be.

Does this constitute cruel and unusual punishment? Should Taylor be hanged in public? Leave your thoughts on this upsetting and controversial case in the comments section…

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Cut off his penis, hang it in front of him so it’s the last thing he sees as his lights go out.

Kellie Flores

Yes,, he must die for what he has done! I don’t care how he dies, but he took this baby and brutally raped her causing her to die. There is no way he will ever be able to live out side of prison and he doesn’t even deserve prison!


Just put him in a cell with a few hundred sex-deprived inmates and let the problem sort itself out.

Eva J Abernathy

Give him an eye for an eye. For example like the movie “I spit on Your Grave”. Make it the worst of the worst. Maybe something that he could never ever imagine. Sincerely Gea.


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