Mom Forced To Give Birth In Car. Seconds Later, Homeless Man Grabs Baby By Neck And Does UNTHINKABLE.

“He was our angel that night, that’s for sure.”

Mason, a young woman from Oklahoma City and her fiancé, were expecting their first baby in four weeks. To the couple’s surprise, the baby decided to come early while they were driving home.

Frantic, they pulled over into a nearby truck stop and called 911. Moments later, their baby was born in the front seat of their Honda.

But the couple’s joy quickly turned to terror when they realized the baby wasn’t breathing. New mom, Mason, could see that her baby’s face was turning blue and she began to panic, screaming out for help.

That’s when out of nowhere, an unlikely hero came to their rescue. A complete stranger who appeared to be homeless suddenly stepped in and grabbed Mason’s baby.

As the couple and everyone around them was freaking out, the drifter remained completely calm. With the baby in one hand and the phone in the other, he followed the 911 dispatcher’s instructions to a T.

The mysterious stranger unwrapped the cord that was tightly wrapped around the baby’s neck and gently massaged her back. Suddenly, the color started to return to her face and she began to breathe!

Paramedics arrived and took over but thanks to the homeless man’s ability to stay cool under pressure, the couple’s baby was no longer in danger. Amazingly, a truck stop employee described him as someone we’re all too familiar with.

“I would describe him as kinda like looking like Jesus,” the woman said. “He had the long hair, the long beard. Just a very nice gentleman.”

Mason and her fiancee can’t thank the man enough for saving their daughter’s life. “He was our angel that night, that’s for sure,” she said.

In the frenzy of the moment, the couple didn’t get a chance to officially introduce themselves to the unexpected hero, who has since been identified as Gary. However, the truck stop did treat him to a warm meal and a room for the night.

By the following morning, Gary was long gone. He told people he was headed to Jacksonville, Florida.

We hope he knows that his good deed didn’t go unnoticed and that wherever he is, he’s doing well.

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