Mom Writes ‘Thank You’ Note to Ex’s New Girlfriend on Facebook, Now It’s Going Viral

This isn't something you hear everyday.

Audrey Nicole is extremely grateful for the “other woman” in her daughter’s life.

She and her daughter’s father are divorced, but when the little girl, Riley Grace, stays at her dad’s house, she is well taken care of.

Audrey Nicole documented it all in a Facebook post which has now gone viral.

Take a look…


She added this photo of her ex’s girlfriend with her daughter:


The response to Audrey’s post was overwhelmingly positive.

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This little girl may come from a broken family, but she certainly has more love in her life than most!

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Wondering if the divorce was mutual or if the writer of the letter left the child’s father. I ask because I have found the bitter women that use their children to manipulate and vindictive are the ones who have been cheated on and or left.


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