When Do Rules Become Disrespectful? Should We All Abide For Everyone’s Safety?

What is this  lady’s problem? Why is she disrupting this establishment with her nonsense? If she is to honor Islamic Law then why isn’t she following it?

I can’t believe this selfish woman. Who is she to put so many law-abiding citizens in harms way?


She should never of been there in the first place.

H/T Opposing Views

When Muslim Philadelphia resident Nadia Kamal stepped into an Advance America Cash Advance center wearing a hijab, she was told to remove it because, as the sign below says, hats and sunglasses were not allowed in the facility.

According to the store’s employees, this policy was instituted in response to criminals trying rob the place while their faces were covered.

However, this did not matter to Kamal, who felt “hurt” that the employees wanted her to violate Islamic law.

“I’m in a public place … I cannot do that,” she told them before she stormed out of the facility and reported the company to the Council on American Islamic Relations, a terrorist front group that sticks up for the Muslim right to act like a jerk.


“This is really about ignorance … it’s really about fossilized policies and people being stubborn and not coming up to the modern time,” CAIR spokesperson Dawud Walid whined to reporters.

I don’t get it.. If you want some respect then you should learn the definition of the word.

First of all who’s country is she in? The United States and all other country’s have law that their citizens must follow or suffer the consequences. I think DefendGlen summed it up nicely on Twitter:

Wait a sec – Aren’t ‘devout’ Muslims forbidden to pay interest at a payday loan place? 

Who dose she think she is? If you don’t like the way this country is run, then leave Ms. Hypocrite!


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