Prince George: Just the Cutest Thing Ever!

What parent doesn’t love to take pictures of their toddler? And what toddler is cuter than the soon to be 3-year-0ld, Prince George? If you knew his Grandmother, the late Princess Diane, you might even say he has a little resemblance of her. Here’s a few photos of the cute little royal tyke himself and why we find him so adorable.





Even when meeting the President of the United States, he looks great in a bath robe! 











What toddler looks more dashing than Prince George on his “first day of school” in his light blue backpack and stylish dark blue parka?












He is just the sweetest big brother! Prince George gives sweet, loving kisses to his little sister, Charlotte. Probably their first sibling photo together. 









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Although he’s only a toddler, Prince George already knows the royal wave like his Dad. And how about that matching outfit like Dad’s too?









Prince George even knows how to celebrate “in style” his Great-Grandmother’s 90th birthday by watching the Royal Air Force! 











Finally, on a royal family ski outing to the French Alps, Prince George is all bundled up with his cute rosy cheeks and posed  for a family photo. 







I doubt anyone would ever call Prince George a “royal” pain like most toddlers his age. 

In addition, most toddlers his age are only “king for a day,” but this adorable, little guy is the future king for a lifetime that lies ahead.

We wish you a Very, Happy 3rd Birthday, Prince George ! Enjoy your celebration!

Stay cute, sweet and adorable! 

Blessings to you! 






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