Rihanna Lit-up, Beyonce Triple-Loss to White Girl and Adele “Kanye’s Herself” at Grammys: Stay Classy!

Rihanna looked great but her most attention-getting accessory Sunday at the 2017 Grammy Awards was her bedazzled crystal flask, which she openly swigged from, joined by bestie and assistant Jennifer Rosales, who had her own matching flask.

At first, the cameras caught them sippin’ on who knows what and they tried to hide – but eventually they just started taking shots and having shots taken of them. Rihanna and her flask were nominated for eight awards, and was decked out in a custom orange Armani Privé crop top and dramatic black ballgown skirt – replete with custom mules made by Giuseppe Zanotti.

Though Riri’s poison of choice is still unknown, the reason might have been losing out on Best R&B Performance to Solange Knowles, and Best Urban Contemporary Album, won by Beyonce for Lemonade. But here’s the part that got eveybode drinkin’ and thinkin’…

We all know the major storylines was the showdown between Adele and Beyoncé, who went head-to-head for album, record, and song of the year. By the end of the night, Adele had claimed all three – and the requisite chorus of “Beyoncé was robbed” began… AND Adele seemed to agree!

Not everyone was so kind though: Beyoncé’s sister Solange seemed to join the hundreds of social media users who believed the Queen Bey was snubbed.

Within minutes of the final award of the year being announced, Solange — who picked up her own Grammy, for best R&B performance — posted a cryptic message to Twitter, which she has since deleted. She simply wrote: “Wuddup frank,” including a link to a Tumblr post from singer Frank Ocean in which he criticizes Grammy organizers Ken Ehrlich and David Wild, noting that the show suffers “cultural bias and general nerve damage.”

Others praised Adele’s speech as classy, and still others joked that she “did the Kanye West to herself.”

I cant stop watching Adeles acceptance speech! Beyonce made an artists album that deserved the AOTY. Much love to Adele for the acknowledgement. She thoroughly deserved the award for 21. And the song Hello deserved recognition. But Lemonade is the album Beyonce has been waiting to make. The artist of our generation … quadruple threat makes a complete memorable raw empowering and visually spectacular masterpiece. WTF does she need to do Academy?

Then there was this little screw up during the tribute to George Michael, forcing a restart! OUch MOMMY!

Most musicians are told if you make a mistake live you carry on like a professional rather than swearing and telling all the other instruments around you to stop because you made a mistake. And who decided “Fast Love” was a great memorial song to George Michael?

This was the worst Grammy’s ever – or the best, depending on your point of view I guess:  “The Show Must Go On” – a phrase unknown to the overpaid divas in this generation. Tribute to George Michael, failed. I’m sorry Adele, but this shit does a complete disservice to any true performer who knows not to sap all the energy out of a live show by begging for a redo…





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