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Three Men Sit in Empty Church and Start Singing. Now Video Has Been Viewed by Millions

Been listening to “The Beatles” since my mom first bought me an album when I was four years old. Pretty sure she bought it because she wanted to listen to it – but in either event, I couldn’t wait to wear grooves in the grooves listening to each and every song. I knew every one by heart by the next morning and never heard a peep from my mother about it.

My mother taught herself to play the piano because of the Beatles. My friends and I (Mike, Jim, Tim & Rodney) held tennis rackets and pretended we were The Beatles, lip syncing to every record and fighting about who was going to be John or Paul. We weren’t wild about Ringo or George until the later albums came out and then the moods changed but not the sentiment. Scroll down for video..

Not too many people realize the Beatle were only together around 7-8 years, but put out such a prolific anthology of work that some stations played nothing but Beatles music. During the 60’s it was not uncommon for them to have 4-5 or even 7-8 songs of the top ten Billboard hits at the same time.

The Rolling Stones were the anti-Beatles and Hollywood even tried to contrive The Beatles with “The Monkees” – but nothing doing. The fab Four invented the stadium concert, the music video, the theme album and when their record label told them to stop writing such long songs – they promptly put out one of the best-selling songs of all time: “Hey Jude” at over 11 minutes. A big “F-you” if there ever was one.

The song “Let it Be” by The Beatles became an instant hit around the world, locking in the top spot on the Billboard Top 100 in the United States for two weeks and peaking at number 2 in the United Kingdom. This song was featured on the group’s final album by the same name and was the last song they recorded together before they split. Some say the best song of all time. I’d put it right up there, mate.

It was special to me because I thought it to be John and Paul’s reminiscing on thoughts of God and Christianity. What do I know, right? But like all young kids, I was impressionable and art is what you make of it. John would have looked me right in the eye and said it is what it is, my friend. In other words – he wouldn’t have argued – real artists don’t. Paul probably would have straightened me out. But he’s kind of a jerk lately. anyway..

This emotional and beautiful song is one that can be interpreted in a multitude of ways and it is no wonder it has been covered too many times to count. Now I’m not a Beatles cover-band fan and I never saw “Beatlemania” (although I do reccomend the “Cirqu du Solei” Beatle show “Love” at The Mirage in Vegas) – I ran across this gentlemen’s trio, appropriately named GENTRI, is a group out of Utah that has been performing since 2014.

There is something even more special about this particular cover of the song that left me with goosebumps on my skin and a jaw on the floor. You need to hear this spectacular version…

Casey Elliott, Bradley Quinn Lever, and Brad Robins make up GENTRI, and their producer Stephen Nelson arranges their pieces to perfectly fit the three tenors’ voices.

Has it been three years already?! This shot was taken after our very first performance as GENTRI – The Gentlemen Trio. We quickly ran through two arrangements hours before stepping on stage and into what would turn out to be the most incredible ride of our lives.
Whether you’ve been with us for three years or three minutes – thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Here’s to three more years and beyond!

Of all the covers I have heard of this song, this one might have to be my favorite. There is something so real about this performance, and the ambiance of the church makes it even more emotional and remarkable. What do you think? Make sure to share with your friends so they can hear their impressive rendition! Especially, young kids who listen to crap. And if you’re a young kid – I don’t care, your music really blows compared to this and you know it so get over it.

I have an idiot friend (Dave W.) who constantly says The Beatles were the first “boy-band” but I challenge anyone to name any band who’s music is relevant 60 years after it’s written. And not just one song, but all of it.

You know I can play Let it Be on the piano and although I’ll spare you – I can make a woman cry with it. And that other thing after. Thanks guys.





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