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Veteran Owned Coffee Company Calls Starbucks Bluff: “10,000 Refugees”? I don’t think so!

A small coffee company run by a team of 6 veterans is giving Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz a run for his money after they countered his pledge to hire 10,000 refugees with an offer of their own.

Hey Starbucks – who are you helping, refugees – or the next terrorists? When an attack happens, will there be enough blame to go around? How would you ever know?

CEO Howard Schultz may have had good intentions when he announced wanting to help innocent refugees, but there’s a backlash and the big question is why is Starbucks getting into the business of discriminatory hiring practices in the first place?

Is it just a blowhard striking out against newly elected Donald Trump? Why isn’t Starbucks all over Obama’s ass for creating the refugee situation in the first place? Where is the sympathy for the women and children being raped and killed over in Syria as Obama played golf for three years?

There’s at least one veteran-owned company who has taken matters into their own hands and maybe it’s time we all joined the crusade?

Hat tip: I Have the Truth.com

After liberal Starbucks announced they will defy President Donald Trump’s travel ban by hiring 10,000 refugees, a small, veteran-owned coffee company decided to make a counter-pledge of its own. In fact, the announcement is so big that thousands have dumped Starbucks, and the veteran’s coffee business is sold out of nearly everything one day later.

On Sunday Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz showed his bigotry when he declared that his business Will higher 10,000 refugees in 75 countries directly discriminating against legal citizens. Immediately, the company’s stock begin to comment, heading their lowest level since the beginning of the year. Unfortunately, this was just the beginning . Their worst news yet

Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) vowed to hire ten thousand veterans. Although Starbucks has already been in danger of their customers leaving, BRCC’s statement has promoted those unhappy patrons to flock to their doorstep.


BRCC was founded in 2014 by Evan Hafer, who served a four-year tour in Iraq during a more than 20- year service in the U.S. Army forces. While defending our rights was the, first and foremost passion he spent years over, perfecting his roasting skills making what he says it was; “so much better than anything I could buy or ship to myself,” he told the NRA Blog.

“I created black rifle coffee company for people like myself, coffee-loving veterans in those who are committed to support the 2nd Amendment,” Hafer said. “I wanted to create a company that roasted the finest, freshest coffee on the planet that also supported the things we believe in. I consider myself the ‘custodian of my tribes’ dollars and I take that role very seriously.”


Just one day after U.S. Army forces veteran Evan Hafer Pledge to hire 10,000 veterans, most of his products sold out at Starbucks’s stock continued to plummet.

To be fair, Starbucks has a program to hire veterans, but why this slap in the face of people who have served in the Middle East under an incompetent President who drew a phony line in the sand and made all these refugees want to leave Syria?

If Obama would have stood his ground, like Donald Trump is, perhaps we wouldn’t have to hire 10,000 refugees and we’d be able to take care of our own? But you and I know when there’s a tough problem – call a veteran – they know how to get the job done.

Taking down Starbucks is a big job, but fighting Nazis, Commies and Islamic radical nut jobs is something they’ve done in spades forever – so this will be a cake-walk.

Go Black Rifle Coffee!!

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