Whole Foods In Hot Water For Standing Up Against Muslim Demands

Making accomodations based on Religious reasons are nothing new in America and have been made routinely by U.S. business for hundreds of years without anything more than an acknowledement that it’s just good for business. Supply, demand, satisfying your customers. Some good examples are employers allowing Jewish employees time off to celebrate Chanukah and Rosh Hashanah and allowing them to fill in for those wanting to celebrate Christmas or Easter.

This country and it’s Constitution are founded on respect, tolerance and a First Amendment Right, guaranteeing freedom of worship. It’s kinda why we fled King George in the first place, right? But what about when religion is used as a weapon to exploit the court system and punish business when they don’t bend over backwards to the point of what they just cannot accomodate?

American News reports that a Muslim named Robert Greene filed a federal lawsuit against the Glen Mills Whole Foods in Pennsylvania, claiming that he faced discrimination at the hands of his employer.

Greene is required to pray five times each day, a practice that he claims overlaps with his work schedule. He claims that this was never a problem when he was working in prepared foods, but when he was transferred to the meat department, he received complaints from management. Greene also claims that he was subjected to “discriminatory and derogatory comments.”

According to Greene, management once told him, “This is not a mosque.” Whole Foods backed the manager and got the lawsuit for their trouble. Good for them, I say.

The lawsuit states the Greene attempted to complain to upper management, but nothing was done. In fact, he claims that the treatment continued and led to his eventual termination.

Now he’s trying to collect back pay and punitive damages, claiming that his civil rights were violated. Sadly, with too many immigrants, it’s their way or the highway – instead of working things out so both sides win. When I was young, the great Dodger pitcher, Sandy Koufax, wouldn’t start the first game of the World Series in 1965 and 1966 because both games fell on Yom Kippur.

Manager Walt Alston said Sandy would have started the game if ordered to do so, but Walt figured he had Drysdale to start the opener against the Twins, and Sandy could start the second game. They worked it out. No one got sued. No one was hurt and no lawyers involved. Those days are gone, I’m afraid, when it comes to radical immigrants and their insistence on zero tolerance when it comes to THEIR beliefs.

Why couldn’t Greene just engage in silent prayers while he is working five times a day, for a few seconds – without disrupting the work schedule? Simple enough to do. Or leave, honestly – just leave if you don’t like it here.


This country has always held out it’s hand to everyone – based on the belief that people assimilate into the American culture – which accomodates all and has been since inception. Many early immigrants fled to the new land to escape the British law that dictated people must worship as Anglicant or they were jailed, killed, or fined. And they were barred from universities and political office.

Ironically, as these people came to America they brought their religious beliefs with them and infused their government with their religious culture. In Virginia for instance, Anglicanism was still the official established religion until the Revolution and a group of Baptist preachers were jailed.

We are free to worship as we please. But religion cannot be forced on us. We are not required to be of a certain religion to run for political office, or anything else in this country. Try that in a Muslim country? You can’t.

This isn’t the first run-in for Whole Foods and radical Islam: A former Whole Foods Market Muslim employee in Boston who sought refuge in the U.S. after fleeing his native Iraq is suing the retailer after he says he endured months of anti-Muslim discrimination from co-workers. Of course he sued.

Whole Foods management allegedly told Siddeeq to get ‘thicker skin.’

… Indeed.

There are now many cases in American courts where Muslims are suing on religious grounds. It’s called legal Jihad or lawfare and it is meant to force a country into complying with the wishes of Islam and the Ummah. This is why I say that Islam is a political construct wrapped in a religion. This is war and one can only hope it is one we will win.

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