PIC BY MERCURY PRESS (PICTURED: EMMA PHILLIPS, 24, IN HOSPITAL AFTER SURGERY) A student teacher who got a buzzing SEVEN INCH sex toy lodged up her BUM was forced to have it surgically removed after DIY extraction methods including using a fork handle and BBQ prongs failed. Mum-of-one Emma Phillips, from Wallasey, Merseyside, was feeling amorous with partner Lee Miller during the early hours of Saturday morning (Oct 1) when the sex toy disappeared. Initially thinking Lee had hidden the vibrator under a pillow as a prank, it was only when Emma pressed down on her stomach and felt a buzzing that she realised it had vanished up her back passage. SEE MERCURY COPY

Woman Needs Emergency Surgery After “Sex Gone Wrong,” Now She’s Warning Others Not to Make the Same Mistake

How embarrassing...

24-year-old Emma Phillips and her partner 29-year-old Lee Miller have gone viral for an embarrassing mishap which unfolded one weekend in their bedroom. In the throws of passionate love-making, one thing led to another and a seven inch sex toy became lodged in Phillips’ rectum.

Shockingly, she did not even realize it had disappeared inside of her at first. Thinking Miller had hidden it, she looked around the bed before pressing down on her stomach and realizing it was lodged in her rectum.

“We were looking around the bed in case it had fallen out,” she said. “When I leaned on my stomach I could feel it vibrating – it was stuck low down and at one point was even wedged behind my hip.”

Phillips recounted what sounds like the horrifying endeavor of trying to remove the vibrator on their own…

“For a while Lee was suggesting all kinds of wonderful options. He tried a kitchen fork handle, which we won’t be using again, and said he could feel it at one point but that it was too far up — it was a goner. He tried BBQ prongs too but after a certain point — after an hour of trying — we knew were going to have to go to hospital. We were both a bit shocked.”

The 24-year-old seems to have found the humor in it all, though, writing on Facebook, “When a bit of Saturday morning playtime results in spending the day in Wrexham hospital having a nice pink vibrator surgically removed from your bowel areas…. whilst it’s still vibrating. If you can’t on a Saturday when can ya?”

When Phillips and Miller arrived at the hospital, doctors decided the toy was “too far up” to be removed without sedating her.

“I think at that point it started getting quite serious,” she recalled, according to America Now. “The doctors were really good — they all moved quite quickly and were so reassuring telling me they saw it quite often which was quite a relief.”

“At first we were jokey about it but then [realized] it wasn’t much of a joke especially when there was talk of going through my stomach if they couldn’t get it.”

Fortunately, Philips’ doctors were ultimately able to remove the dildo rectally though a surgery which lasted only a minute and a half. If they had been forced to go in through the bowels, it could have meant months with a colostomy bag for the young woman.

Doctors said she could take the sex toy back home with her as a “keepsake,” but she declined, offering her heartfelt thanks instead…

“I just took some painkillers and was told not to use stuff like that again until I was ready. I’ve learnt that I’ll need to be a bit more careful in the future. We weren’t going to do anything about it because of the embarrassment — there’s a big taboo about it — but we knew we needed help. I want to say a massive thank you to the ambulance crew and Wrexham Hospital staff who were really good, really reassuring and non-judgmental. There is a big taboo about this, but it really isn’t a big deal. You hear about people becoming really ill or even dying because they’re too embarrassed to get help — I would hate that to happen to someone.”

Well, folks, I’m not quite sure what the lesson is here, other than to not stick stuff too far up your butt.

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