Woman’s Skin ‘Melts Off’ When Doctor Prescribed Wrong Medication

In 2014, Khaliah Shaw underwent severe trauma, after an alleged medical error caused the 26-year-old from Georgia to lose her skin. The woman’s skin burned from the inside out, causing her body to “melt.”

UPDATE 2/28/2019

Since this story first aired, Khaliah Shaw has received a million dollars as a settlement from the state.

She is still dealing with many problems, loss of vision and skin issues, etc. Her attorney has filed lawsuits against the pharmacy and the pharmacist and those cases are still pending.

According to the medical record, Shaw went to a doctor after feeling depressed, which is when she was prescribed Lamotrigine. Two weeks after using the medication, blisters broke out all over her body. Shaw said she was in excruciating pain and felt like she was on fire 24/7.

Shaw was eventually diagnosed with Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, a rare skin disorder caused by an allergic reaction to medication or incorrect dosage. After her diagnosis, she was intubated, given medication to help her keep comfortable and was taken to the ICU since more than 30% of her body was affected by SJS.

Shaw spent five weeks in a medically induced coma, where during that time her skin slowly peeled off, loosing 85-90 percent of her skin around her face, neck, back and chest. Now, the 26-year-old is losing her vision, her fingernails will never grow back and her sweat glands are gone. According to doctors, there is no cure for Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and she could relapse at any moment.

Shaw filed a lawsuit where she alleges she received the wrong dosage. Shaw stated the pharmacy didn’t catch the error on time, which is what caused her body to burn from inside out and melt in the first place. Since 2014, Shaw has reportedly received a million dollars as a settlement from the state but the cases against the pharmacy and the pharmacists are still pending.

The lawsuit claims medical bills have reached over $3.45 million, but extensive and prolonged medical care are expected to continue to add to existing bills. She is currently being represented by two attorneys, Robert Roll, and Trent Speckhals, who specialize in medication error litigation. Speckhals believes these errors continue to happen because medical experts always seem to rush instead of taking time to file the right prescription.

Woman's Skin 'Melts Off' After Doctors Prescribed Wrong Medication

I’ve been taking Lamotrigine to treat depression and anxiety for over a year. Thankfully I did not experience any side effects. My anxiety has subsided and the bouts of depression are far and few between.

So let us not condemn those that are not guilty.


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