After Years of Hiding Her Face, She Finally Removes Her Makeup… You Won’t Believe What’s Underneath! [VIDEO]

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After years of hiding her face, Toshi finally removes her makeup for all to see. Unbelievable!

If you’re a woman, there is a good chance that you have used makeup to keep unsightly blemishes away from the prying eyes of the world around you. However, there are some women who push this idea to a complete and total extreme by wearing an absurd amount of makeup that allows them to resemble a totally new person.

Scroll down to see the amazing video as the makeup is washed away and reveals Toshi’s natural face!

Toshi is a very artistic woman and she uses makeup as a means of expressing herself. While there is certainly nothing wrong with this, she soon reached a point where she became afraid to show people what her actual face looked like. She kept her makeup on as a mask of sorts and remained shielded from the world.

This makeup served as a barrier and allowed her to wallow in her personal insecurities. As you can imagine, Toshi found this lifestyle to be very freeing in some aspects and very restrictive in others. If no one is able to see who you really are, they cannot hurt you and they cannot get close to you.

Love, Lust or Run is a popular TLC show and it is based on the premise of making women like Toshi appreciate their own inner beauty. She was encouraged to wash away all of the makeup and when she did, the woman began to cry as a result.

She had spent her whole life being an inspiration for other women who wished to truly be themselves, but she herself had yet to do that. Without the use of her makeup, she did not have a strong self identity and did not even know who she was deep down underneath it all.

There is a gorgeous woman beneath the piles of makeup and we are glad that Toshi was finally encouraged to find her. Unique styles are great, but there is no reason to take them to such extremes. We hope that she continues on her path to locating her true self and wish her all of the best.

You won’t believe what she looks like underneath it all…

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